TRIX at the Medeltidsveckan Recorded by Matt Simon in Visby, Sweden (2009)
Chanting, Birds & Water Recorded by Matt Simon at Pema Osel Ling (2009)
Playing The Building Performance by Denise Kenski & Matt Simon at David Byrne's Installation (2008)
Ewok Village Produced by Nathan Sallee and Matt Simon (2006)
Put Me Down Produced by Nathan Sallee and Matt Simon (2006)
Beyond Scarves Produced by Matt Simon and Ken Resiman (2003), aired on Invisible Ink (KALW) and Re:sound (WBEZ)
Knitting for Peace Produced by Matt Simon with guidance from the Kitchen Sisters (2003), aired on Invisible Ink (KALW)
Purple Sock From the now defunct soundvial project (2003), aired on Invisible Ink (KALW)
Supermarket in CA Produced by Matt Simon and pesented at Aaron Ximm's Field Effects Series and at the Rx Gallery (2004)
Jason's Robbery Produced for Invisible Ink on KALW by Matt Simon and Roman Mars. (Aired 1/25/04)

Please enjoy the collaborative audio projects we've been working on over the past few years.

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